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About the dance forms

Andhra Natyam, Perini Sivatandavam
revived by Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna



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Kerala Natanam



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* 21 Feb 2022
According to the Natya Shastra all Indian dance has its origin from Shiva's tandava. Tandava is a vigorous, masculine and divine dance. Shiva is pre-eminently a god whose divinity expresses through dance. The Sandhya Tandava is his divine dance performed at twilight on Mount Kailasha, his sacred abode. Witnessed by his consort and accompanied by all devatas playing various instruments. Other tandava's performed by Shiva are Tripura, after the destruction of the Three Cities, and of course the Ananda Tandava, the Dance of Bliss performed in Chidambaram.
Source: Shiva's Karanas in the temples of Tamil Nadu: the Natya Shastra in stone by Liesbeth Pankaja Bennink, and Kandhan Raja Deekshithar, Jayakumar Raja Deekshithar, Sankar Raja Deekshithar, August 20, 2013,