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* 10 Dec 2021
The Seven goddess  with the equal power of Male deities are called Saptamatrikas ( Seven Mothers ). The group starts with Veerabhdra and ends with Vinayaka. The saptamatrika group consists of  Brahmi ( Saraswati ), Brahma, Maheswari ( Raudani ), Kaumari ( Kartikeyani ), Vaishnavi ( Lakshmi ), Varahi or the boar, Indrani and Chamundi or Yami,  the respective male deities of Brahma, Lord Shiva, Murugan, Vishnu,  Varahar an incarnation of Vishnu, Indra and Yama.  As per Varaha purana, the Matrikas group consists of 8, goddess, Yogeswari, who comes out of Lord Shiva’s mouth called Ashta Matrikas.  Individual mothers are identified through the weapons they are holding, face,  Hair style and the  vahana.  Usually all the goddess are in seating position in Lalithasana posture  with 4 hands. The upper hands holds their respective weapons and lower hands will be in abhaya & varada hastham.

As per Varaha purana Saptamatrikas are created to help Lord Shiva to kill Andhakasura. As per Devimahatmiyam Saptamatrikas are created to help Durga to kill Nimbanisumba Demons. From Suprabhedagama Saptamatrikas are created to kill demon Niruthi by Brahma. Saptamatrikas iconography is described in Agnipurana, Amsumathbethagamam, Poorva Kaaranagamam, Matsiyapurana, Urubamanthanam, Vishwakarma Sasthiram, Sirparathinam and Sri Thathuvanidhi. Saptamatrika worship was started from Pandya Period ( from 6th Century Rock cut caves ), continued during Pallavas and Chozhas till 12th Century, latter they are combined together and single deity was formed. But still Varahi one of the old Saptamatrika group is in worship as a separate deity in many places.

* Jul 2021
Indra, the king of the Devas is the most important of the Vedic Gods. He is considered a warrior God & the God of rain & thunder.
weapon - Vajraayudha (thunder bolt)
vahaana (vehicle) - Airaavadha (the white elephant)
consort - Sachi (Indrani)
Offsprings - Jayanta, Midhusa, Nilambara, Khamla, Rbhus, Rsabha, Arjuna (son of Kunti), Deivayanai (his daughter was named so, since she was brought up by a elephant - yaanai)

Indra Gayatri
oṃ devaraajaaya vidmahe
vajrahastāya dheemahi
tanno indraḥ prachodayaat
oṃ devaraajaaya vidmahe
vajrahastāya dheemahi
tanno sakrah prachodayaat

* Jul 2021
Asta Dikpalas
are the eight deities ruling over the eight quarters of the universe (8 Diśa, Disha or Dik). Though frequently mentioned, they are rarely worshipped. In Hinduism it is traditional to represent their images on the walls and ceilings of Hindu temples.
Ashta Dikku Balagargal (Lords of the eight directions)
Indran - East (Pūrva, Prāchi, Prāk in Sanskrit)
Vehicle - Iravadaham (white elephant)
Wife - Sasidevi

Varunan - West (Paścima, Pratīchi, Apara)
Vehicle - Crocodile
Wife - Vaaruni

Yaman - South (Dakshina, Avāchi)
Vehicle - Buffalo
Wife - Aiyai

Guberan - North (Uttara, Udīchi)
Vehicle - Human being
Wife - Manorama

Vaayu - North West (Vāyavya)
Vehicle - Deer
Wife - Vaayaavi

Isaanyan - North East (Īśānya)
Vehicle - Oxen
Wife - Gowri

Agni - South East (Āgneya)
Vehicle - Goat
Wife - Kavaahaa

Nairudhi - South West (Nairṛti)
Vehicle - Horse
Wife - Yaadudhaan

Zenith (above) (Ūrdhva) - Brahmā
Nadir (below) (Adho) - Viṣṇu
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