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* Jul 2021
Folk & Traditional paintings
Cheriyal Scrolls- Telangana
Chitara - Karnataka
Gond - Madhya Pradesh
Kalamezhuthu (Paattu) - Kerala
Kalamkari - Andhra Pradesh
Kalighat - West Bengal
Kangra painting - Kangra, Himachal Pradesh
Kavi art - Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra
Kerala Murals - Kerala
Madhubani - Folk painting of Mithila, Bihar
Miniature paintings - Rajasthan
Mysore painting - Karnataka
Pahari - Himalayan states
Patachitra - Orissa
Phad - Rajasthan
Pithoro - Gujarat
Saura - Odisha
Thanjavur Paintings - Thanjavur/Tanjur, Tamilnadu
Warli - Maharashtra

* Jul 2021
Cheriyal Scrolls - Telangana
A folk traditional painting art once prevalent all over Andhra Pradesh is now restricted almost only to Cheriyal village, Telangana. Very long scrolls were painted in vibrant colours depicting the tales from the epics and puranas using natural colours. The scrolls were initially very long around 3ft in width and over 40ft in length and were displayed along with music and dance to enact/dispaly the tales.

* Jul 2021
Chitara, Karnataka
Geometric intricate patterns / wall paintings drawn mainly by the womenfolk of the Deewaru community, Canara representing village life, their cermonies... with natural colours.
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