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* 16 Nov 2021

The Palitana Jain temples are located on Shatrunjaya hill in Palitana, Bhavnagar district, Gujarat. The city of the same name, known previously as Padliptapur, has been nicknamed "City of Temples". Along with Shikharji in the state of Jharkhand, the two sites are considered the holiest of all pilgrimage places by the Jain community. As the temple-city was built to be an abode for the divine, no one is allowed to stay overnight, including the priests. Every Jain believes that a visit to this group of temples is essential as a once in a life time chance to achieve nirvana or salvation.
There are approximately 863 marble-carved temples on the hills. The main temple is reached by stepping up 3500 steps. It is said that 23 tirthankaras except Neminatha sanctified the hill by their visits. The main temple is dedicated to Rishabha, the first tirthankara; it is the holiest shrine for the Svetambara Murtipujaka sect. Digambara Jain have only one temple here.
A fortified, enclosed cluster of temples is called a Tonk or Tuk. The Palitana temples are in nine Tuks.
Sheth Narasinh Keshavji Tuk
Chaumukhji Tuk
Chhipavasahi Tuk
Sakar Vasahi Tuk
Nandishwar Tuk
Hema Vasahi Tuk
Modi Tuk
Bala Vasahi Tuk
Motisha Sheth Tuk
Ghety Bari Tuk
The most important temples in these Tuks are the Adinath, Kumarpal, Sampratiraja, Vimal Shah, Sahasrakuta, Ashtapada and Chaumukh temple.
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* 8 Aug 2021
Jain temples in Gujarat
Bhadreshwar Jain Temple, Kutch, Gujarat
Hutheesing Jain Temple, Ahmedabad
Mallinath Temple, Girnar
Palitana Jain Temple, Bhavnagar, Gujarat
Shantinath Jain Temple, Kothara
Taranga Jain Temple, Mehsana

* 7 Aug 2021
Nasiyan Jain temple, Ajmer, ‎Rajasthan
Nasiyan, Jain temple
Nasiyan dedicated to Rishabhdev, first of the 24 tirthankaras, is a Digambara (Jain) temple built in the late 19th century. In a double storeyed hall, there is a splendid display of wooden gilt representations, glass engravings & paintings describing the Jain faith about the creation of the world.

* Jul 2021
Mosque / Masjid
A mosque or Masjid (a place of prostration) is a Muslim place of worship, where they offer their daily five prayers as well as the Friday congregation.