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* 27 Aug 2021
The Srivilliputhur Sri Vatapatrasayi Temple Tower, 192 ft (59 m) tall was believed to be the official symbol of the Government of Tamil Nadu.  But the artist who designed the emblem for the state of Tamil Nadu R.Krishna Rao denied that it is not the temple of Srivilliputhur, rather it is Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple's West Gopuram.
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Srivilliputhur Andal Temple - Pinterest collection

* 26 Aug 2021
Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple has four Rajagopurams or majestic towers, there are five towers on top of the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord, three on top of the sanctum sanctorum of the Goddess and two golden towers or gopurams.
* Nine tier gopurams - four
* Seven tier, Chittirai gopuram - one
* Five tier gopurams - five
* Three tier gopurams - two
* Golden gopurams - two

Rajagopurams (Nine Tier Gopurams)
1. The tower on top of the sanctum sanctorm of the God (east)
2. South Rajagopuram
3. North Rajagopuram (Tower Without Roof)
4. The West Rajagopuram.

Swami Shrine Gopurams:
There are five towers above the sanctum of the Lord.
1. Swami shrine gopuram (three tiers).
2. Gopura Nayaka Gopuram, also called Swami Sannidhi gopuram (five tiers).
3. The Mukkuruni Vinayagar gopuram or Nadukkattu gopuram or Idaikattu gopuram (five tier) .
4. Wooden gopuram (timber) or the Swami Sannithi west gopuram.
5. Sinnamottai gopuram (small roofless gopuram) or Swami Sannithi North Gopuram (five tiers).

Amman Sannithi Gopurams:
There are five towers above the sanctum of the Lord.
1. Amman sannithi gopuram (three tier).
2. Kadahagopuram or Amman Sannithi west gopuram
3. Chittira Gopuram or Amman Sannithi gopuram
Temple info and photos:
Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple gopurams