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Temples in Tamilnadu

* 21 March 2022
Temples for Rahu Bhagavan
Seshpureeshwar Temple in Thirupampuram village, Kumbakonam district
The temple is dedicated to Shiva, Parvati and Rahu Ketu. The main shrine is devoted to Shiva and the shrine of Rahu is situated outside the main shrine.

Sri Naganathaswamy temple at Tirunageswaram, 7 km from Kumbakonam, Thanjavur.
The primary presiding God is Lord Shiva (Lord Naganathaswamy) and his consort Goddess Parvathi (Giri Gujambika) seen along with Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Lakshmi. Rahu Bhagavan gives darshan along with his consorts Nagakanni and Nagavalli.

Seshapureeswarar Temple at Thiruppampuram village, 3 kms away from Karkaththi on the kumbakonam - Kaaraikaal road.
Moolavar: Seshapureeswarar, Pambeesar, Pamburanathar, Pambureeswarar.
Amman: Vanduserkuzhali, Bramaramigai, Vandaarkuzhali, Vandaar Poonkuzhalvalli, Maamalayatti.

Nageswarar temple (Sivan temple) located at Poovarasankuppam, Viluppuram district

* 10 Dec 2021
Thiruvalanthurai Mahadevar Temple (Pullamangai Siva Temple) - Pinterest collection
Thiruvalanthurai Mahadevar Temple, (Pullamangai Siva Temple) is situated near Pasupathikoil in Papanasam taluk, about 15 km from Thanjavur. It is also called Sri Brahmapuriswarar/ Pasupatheeswarar Temple / Alanthurai Nathar temple.
The original sanctum sanctorum and ardha mandapa of the temple are believed to have been built during the early part of the 10th century CE during the Chola reign. However, the maha-mandapa and mukha-mandapa can be dated to 18-19th century CE, according to the ASI.
The ardha mandapa pillars have sculptures of various dancing scenes and ornamental designs. From the style and architecture, it is inferred that the temple should have been built during Parantaka Chola period. The temple is in Nakara syle. The temple is known for its sculptures, including those found on the vimana. Sculptures of Dakshinamurthy, Bikshadanar, Adisheshan, Tripurandaka, Narasimha, Prahaladan, Nandhi, dancing women, musicians and musical instruments and scenes from Ramayana adorn the temple.
There are 21 inscriptions engraved on the four walls of the central shrine and the mandapa of the temple.
Source:  ASI plans to take over early Chola period temple for conservation by S.Ganesan, The Hindu, Tiruchi, October 03, 2021

The presiding deity is Brahmapureeswarar / Alanthurai Nathar / Pasupatheeswarar, Vada Theertha Nathar and the Ambal is called Alliyankothai / Soundara Nayaki.
It is one of the 70 Madakovils built by 2nd century Chola king Kochengat Chola.
This temple associated with Mother Chamundi is one of the 7 shrines of Sapta Matrikas in the Thanjavur - Kumbakonam route.

* 17 Nov 2021
Sri Vashishteswarar Temple, Thengudi Thittai
Vashishteswarar Temple, Thengudi Thittai - Pinterest collection
This Siva temple is located at Thittai, 10 Kms from Thanjavur. Thirugnanasambanthar has sung the praise of this temple.
Since sage Vasishtar worhipped the Lord here, the temple is known as Vashishteswarar Temple.
Moolavar - Sri Vashishteswarar, Sri Dhenupureeswarar, Sri Pasupathinathar (swayambu lingam)
Ambal - Sri Suganda Kundalambikai, Sri Ulaganayagi, Sri Mangaleswari.
There is a separate shrine with vimanam for Guru Bhagavan in the standing posture between the Siva and Ambal shrines. He is worshipped as Raja Guru.  This is one of the Guru parihara sthalams.
Legend : Thenkudi Thittai  is supposed to have been the only place that was not submerged during the pralayam (great deluge). Thittu in Tamil means a mound.

A great architectural marvel at this temple is that two stones called "Suryakaanthakkal" and "Chandrakaanthakkal" placed at strategic points on the Vimanam over the Shiva Lingam, absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and performs abhishekam to the Lord with a drop of water every 24 minutes (which is known as a nazhigai in Tamizh)

* 8 Sep 2021
Sri Parthasarathyswamy Temple, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamilnadu
Parthasarathyswamy Temple, Triplicane - Pinterest collection
This temple is one of the 108 Divya Desams (Vaishnava holy shrines), its praise sung by the Azhwars in their Divya Prabandhams. Tiruvallikeni village is seen in records dating back to the Pallava period and earlier. The village gets its name from the lily pond (alli - lily ; keni - pond) in front of the temple, where it it said that Goddess Vedavalli, consort of Lord Ranganatha, one of the five main deities, was born in a lily flower. The pond itself was amidst a Tulasi forest.
The Utsavar is Parthasarathy. The image of Krishna bears the scars from Bheeshma's arrows.

* 29 Aug 2021
Uchi Pillayar Temple, Trichy Malai kottai....Read more

* 27 Aug 2021
Srivilliputhur Andal Temple, Virudhunagar district is one of the 108 divya desams....Read more

* 10 Aug 2021
Thiru Cherai - Saaranatha Perumal temple
The temple is located 7miles south east of Kumbakonam & 3 miles from Naachiaar Koil. The Moolavar is Saaranathan seen in standing posture facing east. The Lord gave darshan to the deity, Cauvery. There is also a sannadhi for Cauvery Amman in the temple and a sannadhi for Rajagopalaswamy. The Lord gives darshan along with five devis - Sridevi, Boodevi, Neeladevi, Mahaalakshmi and Saaranayagi. According to the puranas, it is believed that is the spot from which a gatam was made out of mud & the vedas preserved in it during the pralayam (floods).

Thiru Cherai - Saara Parameswarar temple
- The Lord Shiva is Saara Parameswarar (also called Chenneriyappar meaning one who guides in the right path).  Goddess is Gyaanaambigai (also called Gyaanavalli).
- There is a Siva lingam, Sri Rina Vimochana Lingeswarar in the outer prakaram also called Kadan Nivartheeshwarar, for he rids devotees from the burden of debts.
- The praise of the Bhairavar in this temple has been sung by Appar.  The Bhairavar idol can be seen with the mark of a trident and bell on the left upper arm.
- Three Durga idols as Shiva Durgai, Vishnu Durgai and Vaishnavi Durgai can be seen in a row at this temple.
- The sthala vriksham (holy tree of the temple) has only green leaves for 4 months, is full of white flowers for the next 4 months and is bare, free of leaves and flowers for the last 4 months.
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Reference:, pudhuyugam TV, wikipedia

* Jul 2021
Since 1966, the thousand pillars hall in the Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple is also doubling as the museum of the temple. Among those items of artistic elegance and cultural excellence are:
Paintings explaining the quintessence of the ancient arts of architecture, sculpture, painting, music, dance and other forms of aesthetic importance.
Antique panchaloka (five metal) idols.
Collection of rare photographs.
Rare antique items.
Articles of Saiva and Vaishnava religions.
Antique coins.
Carvings in tusks and antique items.
Paintings from the Nayakka period depicting the 64 miracles performed by Lord Sokkanathar.

* Jul 2021
7 Shiva temples in Mylapore
1. Kapaleeswarar Temple, North Mada Street, Mylapore, Chennai
2. Velleeswarar Temple, South Mada Street, Mylapore, Chennai
3. Karaneeswarar Temple, Bazaar Rd, Mylapore, Chennai
4. Virupaksheeswarar Temple, PV Koil St, Mylapore, Chennai
5. Valeeswarar Temple, G N Street, Mylapore, Chennai
6. Malleeswarar Temple, Thyagarajapuram, Mylapore, Chennai
7. Theerthapaleeswarar Temple, 55 Dr Natesan Rd, Sudandira Nagar, Triplicane, Chennai

* Jul 2021
Arupadai Veedu - The six most important temples of Lord Muruga
1. Palani near Madurai - Dhandayutapani
2. Pazhamudircholai near Alagar Koyil near Madurai - Solaimalai Murugan
3. Swamimalai - Swaminathanaswamy
4. Tiruttani near Tirupati and Chennai - Bala Subramanya Swami
5. Tirupparamkunram near Madurai - Subramanyaswami
6. Tiruchendur - Bala Subramanya Swami and Senthilandavar.

* Jul 2021
The five temples for Surya worship, in Tamil Nadu are known as the Pancha Baaskara Sthalangal.
They are
1. Gyayiru, near Chennai
2. Thiruchirukudi, in Thanjai
3. Thirumangalakudi, in Thanjai
4. Thiruparidhiniyamam, in Thanjai
5. Thalaigyayiru, in Thanjai.

* Jul 2021
The saptha (7) Vitanka sthalams are Tiruvaarur, Tirukkuvalai, Tirukkaaraivaasal, Tirumaraikkaadu, Tiru Naagai, Tirunallaaru and Tiruvaimur.

* Jul 2021
Paadal Petra Stalangal - Siva temples whose praise has been sung by Thiru Gnana Sambandhar, Appar, Sundarar,  - also known as Thevaram Petra Thirukoilgal.

* Jul 2021
Ashta Veerattaana Sthalams - The sthalams where the Lord Siva has destroyed evil asuras & danced in joy. They are eight (ashta) in number. Tiruvatikai, Tirukkadavur, Tirukkurukkai, Tirutturutti, Tirukkovilur, Vazhuvur, Tiruvirkudi and Tirukkandiyur.

* Jul 2021
Pancha Sabha Sthalams of Lord Nataraja - The five Cosmic Dance Halls of Lord Siva
Natarajar Temple, Chidambaram - Kanaka Sabhai (gold)
Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple, Madurai - Rajata Velli Sabhai (silver)
Nellaiappar Temple, Tirunelveli - Tamra Sabhai (copper)
Sri Vada aranyeswarar Temple, Tiruvalankadu - Ratna Sabhai (ruby)
Kutraleeswar Temple, Kutralam - Chitra Sabhai (mural)

* Jul 2021
Pancha Bhoota Sthalams - Tiruvannamalai, Kanchipuram, Tiruvaanaikkaval, Kalahasti and Chidambaram.
Tiruvannamalai (Thejo sthalam - Fire)
Kanchipuram (Prithvi sthalam - Earth)
Tiruvanaikaval (Appu sthalam - Water)
Kalahasti (Vayu sthalam - Air)
Chidambaram (Akasa sthalam - Space)

* Jul 2021
Nava Kailasam - There are 9 Siva temples in Neyveli-Thoothukudi. All the shrines are aspects of a navagraham.
1. Paapanaasam - Suryan - Mela Kailasam
2. Cheran Mahadevi - Thingal - Mela Kailasam
3. Kodaganallur - Chevvai - Mela Kailasam
4. Kunnathur - Rahu - Keezh kailasam
5. Murappanadu - Guru - Keezh kailasam
6. Thiruvaikundam - Sani - Keezh kailasam
7. Thenthiruppaerai - Budan - Keezh kailasam
8. Raajapathy - Kethu - Keezh kailasam
9. Saendha Poomangalam - Sukran - Keezh kailasam

* Jul 2021
Sri Vaanchiyam
Devotees can be rid of Kala Sarpa Dosham by offering worship at the Sri Vaanchiyam temple to both Rahu & Ketu at the same location. The holy Ganges which is believed to rid the bathers from all sins is said to have got rid of her sins by bathing in the Guptagangai waters of Sri Vanchiyam.

* Jul 2021
Arunachaleswarar Temple, Tiruvannamalai

* Jul 2021
Chola temples, Thanjavur